So why RedEye and what is so special about us?

When a business day is about to end, a new one starts somewhere else…
Across Europe and the middle east there are incredibly talented, knowledgeable and experienced IT personnel, who can easily deal with any complex IT issue or project.

As dedicated IT professionals, located in California, we have spent our best years working full days (M-S 8am-8pm) and through the nights on crucial IT projects and tasks. With the help of our friends at ‘Red Bull’, we often managed to complete a 14-18 hour shifts, doing every possible effort to predict and avoid future problems. By doing so, we allowed our clients to work in full capacity without interfering on their daily operations.

As our business grew, client demands increased accordingly, forcing us to work late nights even more than before. New staff recruitment has slightly cleared our daytime schedule but had no effect on our night time tasks.

When our duty as after-hours IT professionals started interfering with our personal lives and physical condition, we started observing symptoms such as: restlessness, sleepiness on the job, fatigue, decreased attention and disruption of the body’s metabolic process.

The Solution

A continuous service by a selected team of IT experts in the right time zone, based out of selected countries providing “RedEye” remote support cycle designed directly and only for IT professionals!

  • Full coverage of day and night shifts – perfect sync (8pm – 8am)
  • Work in a day light environment (more productive and efficient)
  • We work while the US sleeps.
  • Hand chosen certified staff with fluent English.
  • Blend seamlessly into your existing IT solution.
  • Assigned direct and personal account manager.
  • Immediate Time response around the clock.
  • Unique IT solutions designated to a verity of fields.
  • Reasonable fair price / Competitive pricing (ask us for a quote).
  • Creative out of the box Innovative IT solutions.
  • Military grade privacy and security standards.
  • Answer an increasing demand for qualified “after hours” IT staff.
  •  Fast and reliable remote global assistance to  IT professionals.
  • All remote sessions are recorded on your servers.
  • Our advanced IT specialists are awake and sharp… completing a 22 hour working day cycle.
  • Some overseas call centers hire employees with poor English and tech skills, We at RedEye IT pick and choose our sys admins carefully! high level of English, strong certified knowledge and professionalism!!


As a global IT solution provider conducting IT projects for multinational companies, we understand that this concept can be a little tough, since most people likes to have everything locally and in full control. We can assure you that we are qualified and have the experience needed to take the load of after-hours IT tasks off your hands and do a great job that will allow you to focus on promoting your business.

We have had the privilege to work with the best IT teams in the world in different time zones.