RedEye is a leader in Tier 3 & 4 solutions for IT professionals.
We work while you sleep, allowing you to spend less money for your after-hours operations
by using our hand-picked professionals and utilizing the time difference.

Why Trust UsWe only hire the best

You can rest assured that you get only the best professionals from around the globe. You get the confidence of working with an American company that is reliable and takes full ownership and responsibility.

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Green IT SolutionsWith the world in mind

On-site Cloud, Virtualization – less servers…less power…Remote Cloud: Office 365, Google Apps…less on-site techs…less use of transportation

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InnovationLeading the pack

We believe that innovation in IT should be common knowledge, and lead from a WIN- WIN to a Win-More situation!

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Rock Solid ITA strong technical backbone

Rock solid IT solutions bring you reliability and performance without compromise, keeping you on the loop at all times

Vast ExperienceWe can help you

Our chosen IT experts are a private intranet of knowledge and experience. We assist you in solving complex unresolved technical issues, perform advanced server upgrades or migrations!

SOLID & STATIC RATESDay & Night - Weekends and Holidays!

We provide the best IT service by our global IT experts, all in an affordable day-time solid rate!

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For the past decade RedEye IT founders has been bringing people and technologies together, helping businesses around the world with all of their IT needs while making sure each and every customer is receiving the highest level of service and keeps them a 100% satisfied.

Splitting the work day between two countries on different continents ensures that the service offered by RedEye IT is superior to other Tier 3 and 4 IT teams. By splitting the day between two distinctly different workforce we are able to offer clients the highest level of service and quick acting, sharp minded daylight workers. This advantage far outweighs the services a normal IT company could offer due to the fact that most IT companies operate within one country, leaving time differences and workers on late night shifts that leave them too tired to work at their fastest peak ability. We always charge day time rates which mean that overall RedEye IT is a financially beneficial option for your IT needs.

At RedEye IT Experts we aspire to stay dynamic and innovation oriented, keeping us the leaders in our field.

Our creative solutions and our team ability to think outside the box helps us resolve more IT issues in less time compare to our competitive.

We believe in a personal customer service and our professional account managers are dedicated to make each customer feel comfortable and relaxed each day.

At RedEye IT experts we can assure you that you will receive an immediate VIP support, in an excellent time response and reasonable fair price.