Redeye IT Expert Solutions offers a wide range of consulting services to assist our clients at each phase of business continuity planning, from analysis to testing.

  1. We perform a complimentary risk assessment to determine where the organization stands in its ability to recover from a disastrous event. This service includes a detailed risk assessment report that identifies organizational weaknesses in five key areas: location, applications, equipment, data, and network.
  1. Our team of experts will then help design a disaster recovery plan that ensures continuity and uptime in the event of a crisis. Once a disaster recovery plan has been developed, our team will go further and fully validate the solution to ensure it performs as desired.
  1. We will handle as much or as little of the business continuity program as our clients require – from providing equipment to preparing testing protocols to day-to-day maintenance.

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Cloud & Datacenters

The cost savings in implementing a cloud system is substantial. The use of cloud solutions can easily be scaled up or down based on company requirements.

Reasons to Use Cloud Computing (Hybrid, Public and Private Clouds)

  • Rapid Service
  • Secure Service
  • Satisfying User Experience
  • Lower Costs
  • Multi-User Access
  • Development Platform
  • Infinite Storage

Office Relocations

We consult, help and build a full IT plan to relocate small to enterprise businesses.

Step by step IT move plans preparations include:

  • Map existing inventory
  • New location network architecture design
  • Server rooms planning: Location, space, setup and environmental considerations
  • ISP switch planning
  • General Security planning
  • Move day service switch

Network Architecture

Smart network architecture planning will help you gain the technical achievements and skills you need to implement high-quality networks.

Also in the virtual world:

Server virtualization not only challenges network administrators with strengthening and latency considerations, it also places a bigger challenge on the network infrastructure communication between each physical server. When a company decreases the number of physical servers, the number of users handled by each server can increase proportionately. Network administrators need to look at implementing high availability and data replication tasks to minimize the effect a server issue could have on the network.

Remember to look at your network architecture and capacity challenges. We can consult and support you with any server virtualization platform implementation.