The RedEye Story

Redeye IT experts was born out of business cooperation between CompSF IT services, an established IT firm located in San Francisco’s bay area, and other advanced IT solution providers located in Europe and the Middle East. The exact opposite time zone from where CompSF IT services is providing IT service.

In San Francisco Bay Area, CompSF CEO, SHAHAR GEVA, was dealing with an increasing work load of advanced IT projects and immediate tasks from his corporate clients. These complex projects were conducted throughout the night in order to prevent interference with the business daily operations and information flow across the network.

This type of demand resulted in recruitment of more after-hours IT staff, an action that eventually was not cost effective and productive as initially expected, mainly because of the high overtime rates!

As an experienced IT professional Mr. Geva started searching for a suitable, more efficient solution to a common obstacle in the IT industry, recruitment of top notch IT professionals willing to work through the nights for reasonable rates (that are not already hired by big corporations).

His global traveling and research for a strategic partnership led to the “start-up nation” of Israel and some other high-tech advanced countries, acquiring services from several leading individuals in the IT industry.

The main goal was to create the “TRUST” that is needed between SHAHAR GEVA and his IT experts. Which is the hardest part when it comes to recruit new IT staff.

It was a few selected IT individuals professionalism, expertise, knowledge and uncompromising approach to the most difficult problems made them stand out above the rest, resulting in the obvious conclusions, RedEye IT experts was born to directly assist other IT companies and individual IT professionals around the world with the same needs.