About RedEye IT

We are a private Tier 3 after-hours support team!

Most of our clients are located in the U.S, providing daytime IT services to other local companies.

This is a unique service designed only and directly for other IT individuals, IT departments, and IT companies.

We function as your secret support extension to improve your IT performance, high-end data center projects and immediate availability. Try our special service Instead of hiring more in-house expensive experts. We charge a flat rate for DAY&NIGHT help!

Our trusted team of experts can help whenever you or your team is overwhelmed / puzzled about a certain heavy server/network issue or project. Windows, Apple or Linux products, physical or virtual. Workstations, laptops and servers, in offices

We specialized in server rooms and data centers tasks.


There is no conflict or competition. We are not a call center, and we do not service end users!!

For security reasons, all remote sessions are being reordered and monitored by you and Redeye IT systems!


Redeye IT HQ is located in downtown SF but all of our IT experts are located in the capital of high-tech – Israel and selected places across west Europe… (Opposite clock from CA)

After a short probation period, your IT team will get a good night sleep while we resolve their unfinished daily tasks.