Data Center Migration

Moving a company data center is one of the biggest and most important projects any business can take on. With hundreds of data center migrations to our credit, Redeye IT Infrastructure Solutions employs leading migration experts to make your project a success.

Changes to a business are one of the primary reasons why it is important to employ a professional IT firm that is able to effectively communicate to your team throughout the entire process. RedEye IT works closely with your technical staff to answer any questions that may arise and make any move or upgrade/changeover as seamless as possible with the least effect on the daily operations.

Creating a comprehensive change management plan will help your team understand the significant impact to your network and the potential benefits of making changes. This will allow staff to remain enthusiastic during the transition. RedEye IT professionals are always on hand to meet with executives and ensure the project is supported from above through allocating enough resources for a successful migration. Budgeting and planning can take place once everyone is on board from the executives through to the employees.

Determining the scope of your project early on will help to avoid “scope creep” and costly overruns later on. For instance, if you want to upgrade equipment during your transition, make sure to budget for a hardware purchase. The set budget must be realistic in order to cover all aspects of the migration, from temporary data hosting to shipping costs.

RedEye IT data center migration experts can help you determine a budget that will cover all your requirements. On the staffing side, we recommend planning for ample staff availability to ensure a smooth migration:

  • Identify which skills are needed for the project, then identify staff that have these skills and assign them roles & responsibilities.
  • Work with stakeholders to determine which applications are the most critical to your business objectives. Our migration experts will work with you to understand the link between applications and hardware so your mission-critical systems can stay online.
  • Since even the best plans sometimes go awry, we strongly recommend having an updated, accurate, and tested disaster recovery plan to avoid business interruption.
  • Last but not least, make sure your target site is ‘migration ready’. Does it have the power and network cabling you need? Will the space fit the assets you are bringing in? Also, be sure to consider physical constraints like doorways, stairs, elevators, and loading docks.

Companies who do not plan on bringing extra help for their in-house professional IT before a move or upgrade will usually find that the job is far more intricate and time consuming than originally planned, making it far more costly as well. The importance of a functioning IT system for any Tier 3 or 4 company cannot be underestimated and to keep a large system operating to perfection it is best to employ extra IT exerts that are highly skilled and experienced in the field. RedEye IT can offer you the best solution for your additional IT needs as our primary function is to work alongside existing IT departments to supplement them and are highly adept at fitting in to a company’s existing IT without getting in the way.