Lower Your Risk

Most of us, the IT on-site and remote service providers, are working on a limited budget no matter how successful the company or client we work for. Almost every task and project is a risk. Risk of losing time and money. We are being graded primarily on how quickly we react to problems, how sharp we are to produce the right answer at the right time without losing one of the main important aspects in this field, and that is: TRUST!

So the question is always how do we lower the risks while keeping the budget alive?

Reducing your risks comes down to two crucial elements: expertise and time.

In a busy normal week, we most likely wear multiple IT hats and have little or no time to spare. We are functioning as an “all in one” experts with no time to be a “full ON” deep experts in verity of scenarios.

Redeye IT after hour experts can help.

Our dedicated sharp and awake 3 and 4 tier professional support team can become your secret extension. We can:

  • Handle your late night calls
  • Perform advance migration projects
  • Deal with annoying issues that got delayed
  • handle complex monitoring that you know how to do and control but just can’t quite get to during the day

All that will be done in a day light environment, with no extra after-hour rates!