Green IT Solutions

RedEye IT is at the forefront of providing clients with the most sustainable and “green minded” solutions for your business. The goal of RedEye IT is to ensure that every client has a long term solution that is the most cost effective choice for their specific needs. Each business has their own distinct situation and we excel at creating customized solutions to best suit every company’s needs. There are a lot of beneficial aspects that arise from hiring an IT firm that specializes in green, or sustainable technology. Our experienced team can help you maximize your system while minimizing related running costs and help you to justify where your IT budget is spent.

Cutting cost is always an important aspect of a business and conserving energy is at the forefront of this ability when it comes to a company’s IT needs.  RedEye IT uses only environmentally friendly and energy saving green technologies which means that clients can rest assured they are receiving the very best package available to them at the best price. Taking the time to make sure that the entire system is optimized in the first instance proves to save money over time through preventing excess energy use and proper ongoing maintenance can ensure that those savings are at the highest possible average into the future.

Sustainable green systems offered by RedEye IT include  green data centers, desktops and virtualization as well as other energy-efficient technologies such as sustainable procurement policies, electronic waste recycling, supply chain and data center optimization, managed print services, server virtualization and consolidation, enhanced power structures, energy efficient servers, building automation projects and various collaboration and conferencing initiatives.

The reason why it is important for a company to ensure they are investing in green IT services and technology is down to the fact that it is more costly to run and maintain the equipment and data centers in terms of energy costs than it is to buy the equipment to begin with. With rising energy costs it is of paramount importance to create to most sustainable office possible.

Changes in thermal airflow, power layouts, temperature and humidity can result in a 30% savings in data center energy costs while proper power management within the office can see a 50% savings realized inside of 6 months. Creating energy efficiency will also result in a decrease in a company’s environmental and carbon footprint

Optimization of costs, energy, resources and operations is the core of a sustainable IT frame work. As the newest technology can invariably seem complex to new users, it is best to retain the services of a professional at the outset as it is quite easy to spend more than necessary on vital office technology.

Efficient data center practices address efficiency engagements which are evaluated on two levels: in the facility specific energy savings opportunities as well as in the real time measurement of useful work performed on servers. Sustainable management of these areas allows efficiency maximization through better power distribution charges, set point adjustments, airflow management and other actions.

VM Server Architecture

  • Green IT services present many benefits for clients, but knowing how to evaluate a client’s infrastructure to accommodate green technology is vital. Adoption of ecology-friendly computing is rapidly becoming a priority of policy maker technologies. Reporting reveals that tight regulatory measures and progress in technology nutrients renewed interest in green IT.


  • Surveys conducted around the world showed that more than 75 percent of Small to Enterprise companies are considering ecology-friendly computing strategies as an important component of their IT, while the other 15 percent rated it as a top priority in their primary IT.


  • One out of five companies (20 percent) combined the agenda of green IT in their business strategy, and 33 percent more plan to do so within the next two years.


  • IT organizations currently face a double challenge of budgets shrinking and systems infrastructure increasingly becoming more complex and branched. Additionally, legal regulations around data privacy and shredding waste are becoming stricter every year. Because of that, most organizations begin to realize the full potential of ecology -friendly computing practices – significant cost savings, increased flexibility in managing IT resources and compliance with environmental regulations.


  • “Green IT” is now promoted as a component of business strategy, as well as by a sense of corporate social responsibility, while green IT practices such as hardware efficiency.


Virtualization Painted Green

Virtualization technologies are treated making them synonymous with ‘green’ – also offer cost savings and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in organizations. Server virtualization technologies and storage reached maturity during the past two – three years, to the extent that one of the three companies with a green IT strategy already use these technologies.


Smart Green Hardware Makes Disposal Obsolete

Organizations adopt a life cycle approach IT expenses hardware resources using and disposing of them, leading to significant benefits in terms of reducing costs and preventing legal risks.